Test Your Tattoos With This Gadget Before You Make A Huge Mistake

Test Your Tattoos With This Gadget Before You Make A Huge Mistake

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After centuries of wreaking havoc on the pearls of the bourgeoisie, tattoos are now as common and accepted as beards (which haven't always been uncontroversial themselves). You can feel good about getting that tattoo without relegating yourself to a life of train-hopping, but before you do it, make sure you're not going to turn into a punchline. Seriously, there are entire Instagram accounts dedicated to bad ink, and you definitely don't want to be featured. Try it out before you make it permanent with the Prinker(R) S Temporary Tattoo Printer.

This innovative printer earned Red Dot Design and IF Design Awards in 2020 because it offers an elegant solution to a common problem: sketching out a wicked design that actually looks awful on your body. Working with it is easy. Just sync your smartphone to the Prinker App, choose from the thousands of designs in the library or upload your own design, then spray the included primer on your skin and rub the device across the area to bring your instant tattoo to life. It's easy, fast, fun, and works in about three seconds. Of course, Prinker S uses FDA-compliant cosmetic ink that's waterproof, washable with soap, and lasts up to three days so you can take it for a spin. If everyone who crosses your path points and laughs at you, you'll have saved yourself an actual lifetime of embarrassment.

Just because you legally can choose a horrible tattoo doesn't mean you should. Right now, you can get the Prinker(R) S Temporary Tattoo Printer for 6% off $279 at $259.95. If you want to upgrade to color ink, you can get it for 15% off $448 at $379.95.

Prices are subject to change.

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