Stop Playing Games and Start Building Them

Stop Playing Games and Start Building Them

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Look at you. You've been playing video games for 11 hours straight, contributing nothing to society beyond the $2.39 it cost to purchase the pizza rolls that are keeping your sweaty, bloated corpse afloat for another day. Why don't you do something with your life? You don't have to completely abandon your favorite things. For instance, if you love gaming, why not give game development a try? The Unreal & Unity Game Development for Beginners Bundle is a perfect place to get started.

This six-course bundle gives you more than 50 hours of training in the popular game engines Unity and Unreal as well as coding instruction in C# and more. Your instructors are Raja Biswas (4.4/5 instructor rating), founder of the YouTube channel Charger Games, which has helped thousands of new programmers publish their own games; and Zenva Academy (4.4/5 rating), trusted by more than 500,000 learners and developers in subjects as diverse as game development and virtual reality to machine learning and full-stack web development. Basically, they know what they're doing.

In this beginner-friendly bundle, you'll get up to speed by building real projects from scratch. You'll create nearly 50 projects in Unity, covering all types of games and platforms, all while learning to use Unity's tools and C#. You'll also get down to the nitty gritty in Unreal, building an RPG and first-person shooter from scratch.

From learning how to navigate the game engines to creating and manipulating assets, working with physics, developing logic for characters, building menus, visual scripting, and much more, this bundle will give you a comprehensive, beginner-friendly introduction to building complete games from little baby ideas to large adult products.

Develop a new hobby that might just wind up getting you paid. The Unreal & Unity Game Development for Beginners Bundle packs more than $1,000 worth of training material into a bundle that is on sale for just $30 for a limited time.

Prices are subject to change.

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