Shred Major Gnar (And Save Money) With This Electric Longboard

Shred Major Gnar (And Save Money) With This Electric Longboard

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Southern California loves to bend over backward to convey a certain unique lifestyle to the rest of the world, and at the core of this lifestyle is the skateboard. SoCal has so much gnar-shredding, it's remarkable there is still any gnar left to shred. Fortunately, you don't have to live in Los Angeles (thank God) to zip around town like a SoCal skater boi or grrl. All you need is a Hermosa Electric Longboard.

One of the most affordable electric skateboards on the market, the Hermosa Electric Longboard has six-inch wheels that are suitable for both roads and grass so you can grind just about anywhere. It uses a 350W electric motor that can power you up a 30-degree incline angle while the brushless DC motor features an integrated braking system, coaxial reduction gearbox, and dynamic speed detection system. Basically, that all means that it runs really smoothly and safely so you won't get the speed wobbles and eat a whole bunch of gravel. Plus, the maple wood deck ensures better stability and cornering ability. You'll be gliding around town like Bart Simpson in no time.

Since you're probably going to use it for practical things like commuting since, though, you'll be glad to know that the 26V 2.2 AH battery unit delivers about a 10-mile range on a single charge. Better yet, heat dissipation technology makes it easy to ride for even absolute noobs.

Live the Cali lifestyle without breaking the bank or moving to a cockroach-infested den by the beach. Normally $450, you can save 11% off the Hermosa Electric Longboard when you get it for just $359.99 today.

Prices are subject to change.

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