You're Going To Want To Give This Magnifying Camera Closer Look

You're Going To Want To Give This Magnifying Camera Closer Look

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Sure, they're mostly known for the one use, but endoscopic cameras can do more than look inside people's bodies. Endoscopes are useful for all kinds of things, especially if your kindly old handyman is starting to feel a little unkindly about retrieving stuff from your sink drain every other week.

Believe us, you'll find myriad uses for this Wireless HD Endoscope Camera. Whether you have a school science project that needs closer inspection, need a second pair of eyes to route your PlayStation's cables behind your TV, or just wanna look inside stuff, this portable camera is a happy little companion. It plays nicely with both Android and iPhone, Windows-based PCs, and Macs so you won't need an extra adapter or cable to switch between devices. (You know, if you're one of those "have everything" kind of device people. You glutton.)

Just download and install the "WIFI look" app, and you can instantly stream imagery from the camera to your device and pretend you're the tech guy in a heist film. It's equipped with a 2MO CMOS HD camera for filming close-up videos and three adjustable resolutions so you can weave it under furniture, behind your fridge, or secure vaults (wait, no, definitely not into secure vaults) and see clearly. Considering those spaces are likely quite dark and compact, the camera is on a 16.5" flexible cable and comes with eight LED lights on the tip for easy illumination.

Don't lose things to the dark recesses of your home anymore. Bring them back to the light! Normally $129, you can get this Wireless HD Endoscope Camera for 61% off at just $49.99 today.

Prices are subject to change.

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