Game 'Til Your Eyes Bleed With PlayStation Plus

Game 'Til Your Eyes Bleed With PlayStation Plus

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If you're anything like us, you probably love your PlayStation to an unhealthy degree. You spend all your nights together, laughing and bonding and maybe experiencing moments of sexual tension that feel slightly uncomfortable but oh so right. It's definitely not just us. However, if you have PlayStation Plus ... well, you might just start thinking about putting a ring on it.

PlayStation Plus offers up a massive online gaming community where you can play classics like Fortnite, Star Wars: Battlefront, Uncharted, and many more games the way they were meant to be played: MMORPG-style with a 13-year-old boy calling you words you stopped saying when you went to college. With PlayStation Plus, you'll also get access to an epic monthly collection of free games in a constantly expanding library, access to exclusive discounts, and additional cloud storage to upload saved games and character profiles.

Oh, and through this deal, you'll get three one-year subscriptions so you can have PlayStation Plus all to yourself ... or sign up your siblings, roommates, friends, parents, or whoever else you still have in your life. It's simple: Just redeem your offer, and you'll get three stackable codes for three one-year subscriptions to PlayStation Plus. (Or you can just save them and turn your one-year subscription into a three-year subscription.)

Amazon gives PlayStation Plus 4.8/5 stars, so you know it must be hype. Start getting more out of your PS experience when you get three PlayStation Plus codes for just $179.97.

Prices are subject to change.

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