3. Discrimination and racism – including blackface --  and body shaming were commonplace on the show. 

Blackface, too, has had a long and sordid history on the show. On 2005's cycle four, the models were challenged to do a photoshoot in which they had to “switch” their ethnicities, in which several white girls had their skin painted significantly darker to emulate that of women of color. 

Even with four years to reflect on why including blackface on a popular reality show with roughly five million viewers per episode maybe isn't the best idea, the team decided to give it another shot on 2009's cycle 13. While filming in Hawaii, cycle's top six finalists were forced to pose as “bi-racial beauties,” with many of the models not only sporting not only blackface and brownface but wearing pieces of meaningful cultural regalia, including Native American headdresses and kimonos as mere costume accessories.

"it was our mission to be diverse and to push back when we were told we couldn't be as diverse 

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