Get Back A Fraction Of Your Freedoms With This Privacy Filter

Get Back A Fraction Of Your Freedoms With This Privacy Filter

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If you've seen The Social Dilemma, you know the unfortunate truth: You are never alone. Big Brother is always watching, and he really wants to sell you a personalized wine subscription. You can surrender and just buy all the things they send your way, or you can take control of your digital privacy with the Winston Privacy Filter.

You can't rewrite the last half-century of insidious erosion of freedoms and social manipulation, but with this simple little plug-and-play device, you can filter ads and trackers across all your internet-connected devices. Fewer ads mean faster browsing, fewer creepers on your connection, and fewer instances of "I didn't even say 'Bombas socks' out loud, WTF?"

Winston also encrypts your connection to fend off hackers, malware, and identity thieves while routing high-risk traffic over a zero-logging, proprietary distributed Privacy Mesh network, so you're practically anonymous. Best of all, since it's a plug-and-play device, there are no subscription fees. Just pay the sale price one time and keep that nosy FBI agent out of your beeswax forever.

Enjoy a cleaner, faster, less creepy browsing experience. The Winston Privacy Filter is normally $199 but you can get it for 10% off at just $179 today.

Prices are subject to change.

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