This Will Be The Most Adult Thing You Read All Day (VSFW)

This Will Be The Most Adult Thing You Read All Day (VSFW)

This piece was written by the Cracked Shop to tell you about products that are being sold there.

Once upon a time, the biggest signal that you were growing up was that little caterpillar on your upper lip. Then it was buying your first legal drink. Then it was going into a complete and total mental breakdown over a pair of ill-fitting shoes that you had to return because going to the post office didn't fit into your daily routine and it nearly killed you to have to add an unexpected task to your schedule. Now, here you are, reading about life insurance.

You're old, kid -- and old people have to think about things like their "affairs" (not the sexy kind) and "estates" and stuff. You probably haven't thought much about all that. Sure, you might have elected to contribute $1 a month to your employer's life insurance plan because that's how you get your kicks these days, but do you have any idea what that actually bought you? Probably not. That's why you need Fabric.

Fabric is designed to help millennials navigate a world that was built for boomers. Normally, getting quality life insurance takes weeks of calls, medical exams, and blood tests before you even see a policy. They make you jump through hoops like a performing dog at a particularly stupid halftime show. Instead, Fabric makes term life insurance simple. You can apply in as little as ten minutes for a policy that suits you and your family. You don't have to sit on the phone for hours with agents trying to upsell you, and you don't have to go in for hours of medical exams so that insurers can cherry-pick and nickel-and-dime and do other old-timey euphemisms to you. (Some applicants may need a health exam, but it can be done at home and it's completely free.)

Term life insurance is the best choice for the majority of families, and Fabric makes it easy. Their automated underwriting algorithm can approve many applicants on the spot. It is no surprise that Fabric has earned a 4.8-star rating from Trustpilot.

The world doesn't have to be this friggin' complicated. Go check out Fabric for an affordable, smart life insurance plan that works for your family.

Fabric offers term life insurance policies (Form ICC16-VLT, ICC19-VLT2, and CMP 0501 with state variations where applicable) issued by Vantis Life Insurance Company (Vantis Life), Windsor, CT. Coverage may not be available in all states. 

*Issuance of coverage for term life insurance is subject to underwriting review and approval. Not all will qualify for coverage. Please see a copy of the policy for the full terms, conditions and exclusions. Policy obligations are the sole responsibility of Vantis Life. Fabric Insurance Agency, LLC (FIA) is an insurance agency licensed to sell life, accident, and health insurance products. FIA will receive compensation from Vantis Life for such sales.

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