Let Out Your Inner Beat With These Pocket Drum Deals

Let Out Your Inner Beat With These Pocket Drum Deals

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Unfortunately, life is not a musical, so you can't expect the sky to spontaneously combust into a cacophonous soundtrack to your life. There are laws and rules to this universe, so the music has to come from somewhere. And that's why AeroBand exists.

AeroBand specializes in portable instruments that you can play anywhere simply by moving your body. Their headline product, the Indiegogo-funded PocketDrum Bluetooth Drumsticks, allow you to enjoy an immersive, realistic drumming experience by rapping them on just about anything. Just connect them to your phone, tablet, TV, or another device, and start playing. You can select immersive gaming modes and learn drumming within hours without disturbing others with your clumsy learning curve thanks to the clever design. You can also upgrade the experience with AeroBand's Foot Sensors, which include two PocketGuitars that can be used as basses or hi-hats. Connect to your PocketDrum, and you'll be rapping and tapping like Fred Astaire in a CKY movie.

Get a set of PocketDrum Bluetooth Drumsticks in black for 14% off $139 at just $118.95 or white at 14% off $99 at just $84.95 today. Get a set of Foot Sensors for 13% off $80 at just $68.95, or get the whole PocketDrum Too Real Drum Sticks + Foot Sensor Set together for 14% off $159 at just $135.95.

Prices subject to change.

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