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Your home is your sanctuary, but over the past year, it's also become sort of like your prison. Wouldn't prison be better with some nice, quality homegoods? Shopping at Homegoods is a lot less fun while you're masked up for hours on end, so stay in that prison a little longer and shop online!

Loungie Foldable Quickchair, $42.99 (reg. $145), a savings of 70%

Need an extra chair when someone comes over? Break it out like magic with this foldable quickchair! The only problem is it's so dang comfortable, you might not want to even use the portability aspect.

iPM Q9 1,000W Space Heater, $59.95 (reg. $99), a savings of 40%

If you've been living in the cold to avoid paying for heat, stop! This 1,000W space heater is not only aesthetically pleasing, it'll warm your immediate area up in a jiffy. You deserve toasties.

Smokeless Bio-Ethanol Tabletop Fireplace, $89.99 (reg. $129), a savings of 30%

Gather the gang around the fire with this smokeless tabletop fireplace! It's the next best  thing to a real fireplace for those born into a world that they can't afford (i.e., all of us).

MoodoGo(R) Portable Fragrance Diffuser + 1 Sea Breeze Capsule, $39.90 (reg. $47), a savings of 15%

Go from stinky home to aromatic home with this aroma diffuser! It's designed for cars, but it really works anywhere, so go ahead and stash it on your end table, in your gym bag, down your pants, etc. The scent capsule is created by expert perfumers and produced exclusively in Grasse, France, where they know a little something about nice smells. They invented grass!

Floor Cleaning Robot Vacuum, $39.95 (reg. $129), a savings of 69%

Everyone appreciates a clean home, but people appreciate it even more when you don't have to get up to make it that way. Schedule this little servant to do the vacuuming minus the cost and guilt of an actual servant.

VentiFresh ECO: Next Generation Odor Eliminator, $85.99 (reg. $144), a savings of 40%

They call it a next generation odor eliminator because the VentiFresh ECO uses NASA technology to absolutely obliterate bad odors in the air. Who knew they could do better things than look at stars and stuff?

BREATHE Smart 2 Air Quality Monitor, $119.99 (reg. $180), a savings of 33%

Air quality is important, but how do you know what you're breathing outside of what your weather app tells you? This smart air quality monitor uses a laser sensor to detect pollutants in the air so you can quickly mitigate the situation, because that app is shady A.F.

LampDepot Shadow Projection Lamp, $139.99 (reg. $299), a savings of 53%

Your mind will be blown every evening with this shadow lamp, a color projector made of anodized aluminum carved from a solid plate and integrated with a high-power L.E.D. and an optical system that projects colors and shades. It'll make you trip, yo.

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