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Creativity takes some skill, so unless you plan to make MS Paint stick figures, like, your thing, you need to learn how to use the right tools. As one of the world's leading creative programs, the Adobe Creative Cloud is a great place to start, but alas, it doesn't come with a soothingly voiced, salt-and-pepper mustached teacher to hold your hand through the learning process. The Complete All-in-One Adobe Creative Cloud Max Suite Certification Course Bundle, however, will. Hold your hand. Not provide your own personal Mr. Feeny.

Don't be intimidated by the title. This extensive bundle includes 12 courses and 80 hours of training in Adobe's top tools so you can learn video editing, animation, photo editing, graphic design, and much more all in one place. There are courses dedicated to a bunch of programs you've likely heard of but have no idea how to use, like Photoshop, Lightroom, Premiere Pro, and After Effects, as well as a few that might be completely new to you, like Adobe Spark for social media videos and XD for animation. Imagine whipping those words out in a job interview. You can also just make some up, but that has a considerably lower success rate. All in all, you're bound to be a more creative person once you're done with these courses, so check them out today!

The Complete All-in-One Adobe Creative Cloud Max Suite Certification Course Bundle

MSRP: $2,400

Sale Price: $33.99 (98% off)

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