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At the start of the pandemic, working from home felt like a neat little field trip, but a year later, there are no lines between your work and your personal life, and you're probably feeling a little unmotivated. These deals will help you be more productive while working from home so you can still watch Netflix all day but actually get something done at the same time.

HD Webcam with Microphone

MSRP: $89

Sale Price: $26.95 (69% off)

Do people keep telling you you're on mute when you're not actually on mute? Might be time for a webcam upgrade. This HD cam has a crystal-clear microphone to make you look and sound your best on all your video calls, provided you can resist the urge to do funny voices.

Super Boost Wi-Fi Repeater

MSRP: $69

Sale Price: $26.99 (61% off)

Nothing will get you working faster quite like a Wi-Fi boost. This repeater can amplify your Wi-Fi's signal by up to 300Mbps no matter where you are thanks to a ten-mile range, allowing you to watch YouTube so much-- uh, get more done, we mean.

TEZL 1080P HD Webcam with Privacy Cover

MSRP: $99

Sale Price: $29.99 (70% off)

If Zuckerberg is covering his webcam, you best believe he's spying on you. This 1080p HD webcam not only gives you a better cam for video calls, it also has a cover to keep Zucky out.

ASUS RT-N65R Dual-Band Wireless N750 Gigabit Router

MSRP: $119

Sale Price: $29.99 (75% off)

Keep your Wi-Fi humming at high speed with this router's award-winning RTN56U and Dual SoC architecture. You'll browse so fast, you'll start visiting random websites just because., anyone?

Laptop 9-in-1 Docking Station Stand

MSRP: $99

Sale Price: $69.99 (30% off)

Get more out of your Windows laptop with this ingenious docking stand. It features nine outputs, including HDMI, SD Card, USB, 4K, and more, making it basically a complete portable workstation. Just be aware that you might start buying devices just to plug them all in.

OMNIA Q2 True Wireless 2+1 Fast Charging Stand

MSRP: $89

Sale Price: $75.95 (14% off)

Nothing derails you like a dead battery. Make sure your phone and Apple Watch are fully charged with this Qi-powered wireless charging stand.

TREBLAB Z2 Bluetooth 5.0 Noise-Cancelling Headphones

MSRP: $259

Sale Price: $78.99 (69% off)

Got noisy roommates or children running around all day, keeping you out of your rhythm? Block them out with these noise-cancelling headphones while you work, then keep them on to block them out forever. Ahhh. So peaceful.

Apple Magic Trackpad 2

MSRP: $149

Sale Price: $129.99 (12% off)

Zip around your computer screen with a little more pep in your fingers with this trackpad. You can swipe between web pages, zoom in or out, scroll, and much more with an ease no mouse can give you. Sorry, Whitney Mouston, but it's true.

FlexiSpot M7C Desk Riser with Deep Keyboard Tray

MSRP: $169

Sale Price: $149.99 (11% off)

If you're missing your standing desk, you don't have to sell any organs to get one at home. Just add this desk riser to the top of your desk and get ready to stand in the place where you work.

Langogo Summit Multi-Functional Language Translator & Voice Transcriber Recorder

MSRP: $399

Sale Price: $249.99 (37% off)

For those very specific instances in which you're doing international business, this remarkable device will be a huge asset. The Langogo Summit has 24 translation engines and supports 104 languages, recording and transcribing your English into whatever language you need immediately, for whatever reason you might need it. It's probably the closest thing any of us will get to a Babel fish.

Prices subject to change.

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