Gulp. It's Almost Valentine's Day This Year.

Gulp. It's Almost Valentine's Day This Year.

This piece was written by the Cracked Shop to tell you about products that are being sold there.

Time flies when you're in love (and fighting off a deadly plague)! The last year has been an absolute hellscape, so there may be a little more pressure to go above and beyond this Valentine's Day. We're here to help. We've rounded up some cool V-Day deals, all of which are an extra 15% off when you use code VDAY2021 at checkout.

Yellow Gold Sterling Silver 4-Prong Diamond Stud Earrings, $5.94 (reg. $14) with promo code VDAY21

Look at those cute studs! Very Audrey Hepburn. Just don't say you paid less than six bucks for them.

Inspired Life Gold-Tone Multi-Charm Stone Pendant Necklace Dark Red, $8.99 (reg. $55) with promo code VDAY21

There's a lot going on on this pendant necklace, making it the perfect gift for that special someone who's a little extra (and you wouldn't have any other way).

Sparkling SIlver Layer Crystal Tennis Bracelet, $10.19 (reg. $21) with promo code VDAY21

If the one you love is more Gwyneth than Gaga, this thick tennis bracelet will make a nice touch for any occasion.

Inspired Life Two-Tone "Enjoy the Journey" Disc and Bird Charm Pendant Necklace, $10.19 (reg. $35) with promo code VDAY21

Your beloved may not rise every morning to get dressed by birds, but let them know you think they should with this charm necklace.

Inspired Life Gold-tone "Believe" Charm Pendant Necklace, $10.79 (reg. $66) with promo code VDAY21

You always believe in your baby. Let them know in the most literal way possible.

Beyonce Women's Wild Orchid Eau De Parfum, $17.81 (reg. $36) with promo code VDAY21

Your partner loves Beyonce. They're human, so that's a fact. Now they can smell like her!

Inspired Life Gold-Tone Stone Drop Earrings, $10.79 (reg. $32) with promo code VDAY21

Let your little electric lantern know they light up your life with these drop earrings that look like a couple of classy street lamps hanging from their ears.

Homvare Women's 925 Sterling Silver Open Cuff Ring, $18.69 (reg. $24) with promo code VDAY21

This elegant, gold-colored cuff ring is bohemian with a touch of sparkly flair, perfect for those who can just never decide which era of David Bowie they want to copy.

Dozen Cream Roses for Your Valentine, $33.99 (reg. $71) with promo code VDAY21

Go the classic route by scheduling a dozen roses to arrive by Valentine's Day online. These ones complement whatever color palette they've chosen for the dining room, so they'll want to display them on the kitchen table until they turn to dust.

Rose Box(TM) 4-Rose Jewelry Box, $76.49 (reg. 109) with promo code VDAY2021

But these ones never will! These special roses are artfully preserved to last significantly longer, just like your love.

Prices subject to change.

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