Segway Makes Affordable Scooters. Say What?!

Segway Makes Affordable Scooters. Say What?!

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Bear with us here, because we're about to blow your mind: Segway doesn't just make those little nerd machines. They also make scooters, which are a decidedly less nerdy and we may even venture to say "cool" way of commuting around town. Case in point: the Segway ES2 Ninebot KickScooter.

The KickScooter is made out of high-strength, lightweight aerospace-grade aluminum alloy. With a 700W motor, it can reach up to 15 miles per hour and travel up to 15 kilometers on a single charge. The dual suspension system cushions bumps and absorbs shock for a smoother ride, keeping you on the scooter rather than throwing you off at every curb. You're not Zooey Deschanel, so you can't pull that off. The wide solid tires and double-braking system facilitate even greater control.

The KickScooter won an iF Design Award and has earned Amazon's Choice recognition because it's such a handy (but not dorky) way to get around town. The one-click folding system lets you fold it up, store it in your car, or carry it on public transit, while the smart battery management system assures battery safety and extends the battery life to get you to your destination.

Stop getting to work in a car or on a train like some lame-o. The kids still say "lame-o," right? Anyway, the Segway ES2 Ninebot KickScooter is 15% off now at just $549.99.

Segway ES2 Ninebot KickScooter

MSRP: $649

Sale Price: $549.99 (15% off)

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