This Blanket Is Bigger Than A Snuggie And It's Just In Time For Christmas

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Winter is coming, and all of those blankets you had tucked away are slowly starting to come back out like cozy li'l white walkers, but the unfortunate thing about modern life is that whenever you go online, you always find greener pastures. Sure enough, we're here to tell you that your blankets suck. Compared to Slanket, they are tiny, coffee-moistened doilies.

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Slanket (not to be confused with "smang it," though we certainly encourage you to sing it to that tune) is the original sleeved blanket. Featured on The Today Show, Forbes, The Big Idea, and more, Slanket offers a new, brighter future in blanket technology. Slanket's soft to the touch and lightweight but made of super plush and warm microfiber fleece, with large, loose sleeves that make you feel all wrapped up in a warm hug but still comfortably able to play Candy Crush. There's even a foot pocket to keep your toesies warm. It doesn't feel like you're wearing the blanket so much as you are the blanket. When you're done being an almighty blanket monster, just fold it into a couch cushion for easy storage.

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Enjoy a more practical, more comfortable blanket experience this winter. Right now, you can get a Slanket on sale for 14% off at just $29.99.

The Slanket(R) Blanket with Sleeves

MSRP: $34

Sale Price: $29.99 (14% off)

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