Are You Not Entertained?! You Will Be With This PlayStation Plus Bundle

Are You Not Entertained?! You Will Be With This PlayStation Plus Bundle

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It's going to be a long, dark, lonely winter. Sorry, that's just the truth. But now that we've dragged you down, let us build you back up! Because The Complete Entertainment Bundle is here to save the day.

This all-in-one entertainment bundle is designed to keep you entertained throughout a socially distant winter, whether you want to share your isolation time with others also in isolation or selfishly hoard it all to yourself like a hygienically responsible dragon. The complete bundle includes PlayStation Plus, streaming services, edu-tainment, fitness, relaxation, group watch party apps, and much more. Check out some of the highlights:

PlayStation Plus

Upgrade your PlayStation experience with PlayStation Plus. Connect with a huge community of online gamers and play mass-multiplayer to your heart's content. PlayStation Plus also comes with two free games each month, exclusive discounts and deals, and cloud storage to upload saved games and character profiles.


Memrise is one of the best language learning apps on the market. Just ask Google, who gave it a Best App award in the 2017 Google Play Awards. You can choose from 22 languages (or go H.A.M. on all 22 and become a linguistic god) and learn them on your own time using a three-step approach. You'll learn from real locals and understand how to use your new language in a real-world context, like when you're lauding your Spanish-speaking dog for eating an entire wheel of cheese.

Streaming Services

Maybe you've got a nice repertoire of Netflix, Hulu, and HBO Max, but at some point, you're going to get tired of binging The Office. (We think. That's possible, right?) When that happens, you'll be grateful for all the streaming services included in The Complete Entertainment Bundle. Here's what you'll get:

  • History Hit TV: Watch hundreds of history documentaries, interviews, and films so you can properly lecture people on Twitter about repeating history.
  • Topic: This streaming service gives you a huge range of indie films and critically acclaimed films and TV shows from around the world. Might as well use this time to stock up on an array of impressive opinions to spout at parties once you're allowed to go to them again.
  • Kast: Stream millions of movies, TV shows, and 200,000 channels with your crew in real-time without having to actually be in the same room! It's the watch party app that lets you be together without actually being together.

VPN Unlimited

Finally, you'll also get access to PC Mag's Top VPN to ensure all of that extra time you're spending online is completely safe. With a number of VPN protocols and elite bandwidth, you can gain complete control over your digital life with full online anonymity.

Winter is coming, but there's loads of fun awaiting you in The Complete Entertainment Bundle, now available for just $199.99.

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