Breaking News: This Insurance Company Is ... Not ... Evil

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With a huge chunk of the West Coast burning and the South almost constantly threatened by hurricanes, you're probably thinking a whole lot more about natural disasters lately. That's before you even think about all the ways that you can bring disaster to your own life. Like, did you leave the oven on? Are you sure? How sure are you?

There's a reason people have renters' and homeowners' insurance. Actually, there are countless reasons, but the biggest one is uncertainty: You never know when something could happen to your stuff. Unfortunately, insurance companies have long taken advantage of the universal need for renters' and homeowners' insurance by locking their policies behind a drawbridge guarded by a troll demanding answers to his riddles three. Then, when you go to file a claim, they'll fight tooth and nail to make sure you don't get it. You see, when they pay you, they lose money -- and they don't want to do that.

You don't have to deal with all that anymore. Lemonade is cutting through the red tape (and the drawbridge ropes) to make insurance one less hassle in your life.

Lemonade's secret is simple: technology. Using the app, you get instant access to approvals on policies, reimbursements on claims, and much more without ever having to pick up the phone. An insurance company founded in the 21st century? What an idea!

Lemonade works by taking a flat fee and treating the rest of the money you pay on your policy as yours -- not theirs. They use that policy money to pay out claims, and any leftover money in a pay period is given to the non-profit of your choice. It's a win-win-win for them, you, and ethics.

Lemonade's policies start as low as $5/month for renters' insurance and $25/month for homeowner's insurance. Getting started and approved takes as little as 90 seconds. Just provide your address and answer a few questions, and Lemonade's AI, Maya, will get to work formulating the perfect insurance policy for you. You can accept and activate your policy without ever getting on the dreaded phone.

When it comes time to file a claim, the process is just as easy. Again, just answer some questions, and their claims bot, AI Jim, will work with you to make sure your claim is paid out. Yeah, they have different AIs for each task -- think of them as your new friends with a hookup at the insurance company. Sometimes, it takes as little as three minutes to get your money.

Lemonade is making insurance painless and hassle-free. You can sign up in as little as 90 seconds and get a renter's insurance policy for as low as $5/month or a homeowners' policy for as low as $25/month. Click here to learn more.

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