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When you buy an Apple product, you can be sure you're not buying something that will break in two weeks because the package had a missing letter in its name or a pear logo or something, but the price of quality means most people whose names don't end with numbers can't always splurge on the latest iPad or MacBook. Fortunately, when you buy refurbished, you can save a ton for something that's practically still new. We've rounded up some of the best deals on refurbished Apple products on the market so you can be all cool and properly fruity without breaking the bank.

MagicGrips for Apple Magic Mouse 1 & 2

MSRP: $14

Sale Price: $10.99 (26% off)

Sometimes, Apple design is a little too sleek. Like when you can't get a grip of your Magic Mouse. These clever grips provide a more ergonomic fit and make the Magic Mouse easier to use.

EarPods with Remote and Mic

MSRP: $32

Sale Price: $12.99 (60% off)

Okay, they're not AirPods, but they're only $13! Give us a break! These wired EarPods work with iPhone, iPad, and any other AUX input.

iBolt(R) ChargeDock with MFi-Certified Cable

MSRP: $69

Sale Price: $17.99 (74% off)

It's a car mount. It's a charging dock. It's a combination car mount/charging dock. This magnetic dock is compatible with Apple CarPlay and Qi wireless charging standards, which is probably why it's so highly reviewed on Amazon. Plus, you can get it for less than the cost of the MFi-Certified Cable it comes with.

Apple Watch Wireless Charger Keychain

MSRP: $49

Sale Price: $19.99 (59% off)

This clever device clips on your keychain so you can quickly charge your Apple Watch on the go, because who knows what might happen if you take it off? Maybe it'll leave you for someone who gets more steps. That's between you and your couples' therapist.

Wireless Charging Pad for AirPods & AirPods Pro

MSRP: $34

Sale Price: $28.99 (17% off)

This wireless charging pad fits elegantly on your desk and provides a convenient spot to wirelessly charge your AirPods.

Apple iPhone Lightning Dock

MSRP: $65

Sale Price: $29.99 (54% off)

This sleek dock can charge your iPhone 7, 8, X, XR, or X Max at lightning-fast speeds. Are we proud of that pun? No. Do we feel that strongly about this charging dock? Yes.

Apple iPad 4, 16GB

MSRP: $250

Sale Price: $140 (44% off)

This 2012 model comes with Siri, Wi-Fi connectivity, and a 9.7" Retina display to enjoy all of your content on a spacious screen.

Apple iPad Mini 2, 16GB

MSRP: $330

Sale Price: $184.99 (43% off)

Maybe you're overwhelmed by too much screen. Hey, we could all use less stress wherever we can get it. This 2013 iPad Mini model has 16GB of storage space, dual microphones for crisp video calls, and Wi-Fi hookup, making it a great quarantine tablet.

Apple iPad Pro 9.7" 128GB

MSRP: $599

Sale Price: $439 (26% off)

For the true tablet lords, the 2018 iPad Pro has an Apple A10 Fusion processor for peak performance, an 8MP iSight camera to take gorgeous photos, and a whopping ten-hour battery life on a single charge.

Apple MacBook Air 11" Core i5

MSRP: $699

Sale Price: $599 (14% off)

An Apple laptop for $600? Not bad! This MacBook Air has a 1.6GHz processor, 8GB of RAM, and 128GB of onboard storage to cover all of your computing needs. Think of it as the digital equivalent of Aladdin's genie: It'll do whatever you want, and you never have to set it free.

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