This Light Projector Will Make Any Party A Hit


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These days, you've probably been spending more time than ever in the great outdoors. Maybe you even saw a couple of stars this summer! But as summer turns to fall turns to winter, you're probably going to be less inclined to go star-gazing.

Fortunately, you can bring the magic of the night sky into your home with the Star Galaxy Night Light Projector. Just plug this night light projector into any room in your house, and it will project the night sky in four different ways with eight color modes, which is seven more than those stupid real stars.

The projector comes with a remote so you can make clouds move faster, the stars shine brighter, or adjust the mode, all from bed. Become a weather god without even getting up!

Right now, you can take an extra 20% off the Star Galaxy Night Light Projector with the code OCTSALE20 -- good through 10/12. Normally $229, it's been on sale for $69.99, but with OCTSALE20 you can get it for just $55.99. Or you can get a two-pack for just $96.

Star Galaxy Night Light Projector

MSRP: $229

Sale Price: $69.99

OCTSALE20: $55.99

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