Cooking More In Quarantine? These Deals Will Help

Cooking More In Quarantine? These Deals Will Help

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Once taking "all-you-can-eat buffet" as a challenge was off both the proverbial and actual table for a while there, you probably got a little better at cooking. Good job! Figuring out how your stove works is the first step to a happier body and wallet. If you're working with the same gear you got at Goodwill with your first paycheck, though, it might be time to upgrade. Fortunately, we've rounded up a whole bunch of sweet tech and tools designed to make cooking easier and more delicious than ever. Your dinner is worth it.

Automatic Electric Spice Grinder

MSRP: $39

Sale Price: $24.95 (37% off)

Once you've gone fresh cracked, you never go back, but ugh. Twisting a pepper grinder is just so haaarrrddd. Let this electric one do the grinding for you instead. It's like having your own tiny sous chef.

Sukasu Osami Japanese 3-Pc Chef's Knife Set

MSRP: $99

Sale Price: $49.99

Price Drop: $39.99

Every chef needs a great set of knives. These stainless steel beauties are on sale for an unbeatable price and won't snap in half on their first encounter with a pineapple.

Tortilla Press Kit: Red Cast Iron with Servietta

MSRP: $45

Sale Price: $40.99 (8% off)

We know you are not still buying those Mission buddies in the plastic bag. You've never tasted a taco until you've had one in a homemade tortilla, and this kit simplifies the process so you can have the freshest, most delicious tortillas for fajitas, burritos, and more. Plus, they come with their own servietta! Fancy, huh?

Finamill(TM) Bundle: Spice Grinder, Tray, 3 Pods, & 3 AA Batteries

MSRP: $54

Sale Price: $42.99 (21% off)

Throw out that basic spice set you've had since your first studio out of college; that dusty jar of oregano was never good, and it definitely isn't anymore. Get yourself some whole dried herbs and this bundle that gives you everything you need to grind them up right in your own kitchen, and enjoy your stay in Flavortown.

Gourmia(R) GWA9985 Electric Wine Aerator & Dispenser

Sale Price: $49.99

No more boxed wine for you! You have a sophisticated palate now that demands wine that demands to breathe. Better yet, let this electric aerator and dispenser force some breath into it like the most delicious CPR.

HD Classic 8" Nonstick Fry Pan

MSRP: $64

Sale Price: $55.99 (13% off)

Nothing ruins breakfast like an egg that won't slide off the pan. What was going to be a lovely gourmet toast is now a sloppy mess they wouldn't serve in even the greasiest of spoons. Never let it happen again with this beautiful nonstick pan. Just try to get eggs to stick to it. It repels them like a smelly dude on the bus.

Zen Series 8" Japanese Style Chef's Knife

MSRP: $89

Sale Price: $62.99 (29% off)

This gorgeous 8" chef's knife is crafted with VG10 steel in the core, plus 66 layers of SUS410 steels for exceptional function and durability. 66! There are onions who don't have so many layers. The meat and veggies in your kitchen will cower.

10-Piece Mini Cocktail Bar Set

MSRP: $75

Sale Price: $65 (13% off)

Those fancy cocktails you've learned how to make deserve better than those old table spoons and plastic measuring cups. Specifically, they deserve this 10-piece mini cocktail bar set. Now go apologize.

Alkemista Bar Bundle: Mini Bar 2

MSRP: $100

Sale Price: $79.99 (20% off)

Give those cocktails the flavor they deserve with this spirit infusion bundle that includes ready-made blends of green tea and flowers, chili and citrus, and rose and lemon, because plain, tasteless vodka is for frat boys. Real men (and women) drink flowers.

Dockside Bakeware 5-Piece Ceramic Stoneware Baking Set

MSRP: $149

Sale Price: $99 (33% off)

Transport yourself to the docks of coastal Maine with this fun ceramic bakeware set. The nonstick enameled interior and temperature-resistant coating make it perfect for the oven, microwave, or freezer, and everyone who sees them will suddenly see you as a person who goes antiquing on the Cape.

Inspired Home 5-Piece Enameled Cast Iron Cookware + Bakeware Set

MSRP: $299

Sale Price: $99.99 (66% off)

Cast iron more your thing? Don't miss out on this amazing deal on a five-piece cast iron cookware and bakeware set. If your roommate leaves them in a sink full of soapy water, you get to scream at them and not miss out on a ton of money.

FrankOne(TM) Brewer + FrankCoffee

MSRP: $128

Sale Price: $99.99 (21% off)

Cold brew is all the rage, and for good reason: It's less bitter and acidic than hot brewed coffee, producing a smoother flavor for sophisticated palates and fewer aches in sophisticated tummies. But you need the right equipment, and you can't go wrong with FrankOne(TM), the innovative brewer that has earned rave reviews from TechCrunch for its innovative VacTec(TM) technology that uses a vacuum to pull water through ground coffee. It's like going to a cafe in space.

Swiss Diamond(R) XD 10.25" Nonstick Fry Pan with Lid

MSRP: $149

Sale Price: $119.99 (19% off)

This ingenious nonstick fry pan features a new, revolutionary diamond coating for less to zero oil cooking, making it an incredible tool for a healthier lifestyle. It's even recommended by the American Vegetarian Association for plant-based cooking.

Abbio Cookware: The Set

Sale Price: $287

This cookware set from Abbio includes a small nonstick skillet, large nonstick skillet, a saute pan, a sauce pan, and a stock pot, all of which are treated with Abbio's ultra-durable nonstick coating. Your mother would be so proud.

Firepod: Portable Multi-Functional Pizza Oven

MSRP: $400

Sale Price: $359.99 (10% off)

Everywhere -- the backyard, the campsite, the dentist's office -- is a good place for pizza. That's why this Kickstarter- and Indiegogo-funded pizza oven goes wherever you go. The portable cooker also converts from a pizza oven to a grill almost instantaneously so you can decide what kind of party you want at any given moment. Pizza? Barbecue? Fire? Just a plain ol' fire party? Firepod has your back.

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