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Yo. Have you seen Palm Springs yet? If not, you're probably feeling pretty left out. Everybody and their grandmother has fallen in love with Hulu's latest original film (for real, our grandmas have formed a club because they've got theories), and you can watch it for free when you get a 30-day free trial to Hulu's ad-supported plan. (Followed by fees of just $5.99/month after.)

Palm Springs is a movie that, like the home of Coachella itself, boils down to weddings, love, family, exes, heartbreak, pain and suffering, some joy, babies, beers, burritos, death, war, violence, sex, and drugs. When Nyles (Andy Samberg) and Sarah (Cristin Milioti) attend a Palms Springs wedding, they unwittingly fall into a time loop where everything just keeps on playing out the same. (Sort of like the last four months, right?) Sarah is the maid of honor but also the family black sheep, and when Nyles saves her from a potentially disastrous toast, Sarah is drawn to his offbeat nihilism. As they're pulled into this eternal, repetitive existence together, Nyles and Sarah find that there might be something not so bad about this time loop after all.

A romantic comedy that turns weddings, love, and commitment on their head, Palm Springs seeks to find the joy in second chances and happy accidents. If you're feeling like you're stuck in a time loop, you'll most certainly identify.

It's not just critically acclaimed original films like Palm Springs and Big Time Adolescence that put Hulu on the streaming service map, though. With an absolutely massive library of TV shows, both current and classic, as well as offerings like FX on Hulu where you can watch new episodes of FX shows like Dave, Devs, and It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia within a day after they air, you don't wanna sleep on Hulu. The TV stuff is great, but Hulu has also become a leader in the original series game. It's the only place you'll find The Handmaid's Tale, The Act, PEN15, and much, much more. Seriously, The Handmaid's Tale is the most fun you'll have being existentially horrified.

But the only way to watch Palm Springs and the rest of those dope offerings is by getting a Hulu subscription. Watch it free today with a 30-day free trial to Hulu's ad-supported plan, then pay just $5.99/month to continue checking out all their other shows. We've got nothing but time on our hands these days anyways.

One month free trial offer valid for Hulu (ad-supported) or Hulu (No Ads) plans only. Offer valid for new and eligible returning subscribers only. After free trial ends subscription fees apply starting at $5.99/mo unless canceled. Cancel anytime. Terms apply.

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