Aspiration Is Making Finance Ethical. Here's Why You Should Try It.

Aspiration Is Making Finance Ethical. Here's Why You Should Try It.

This piece was written by the Cracked Shop to tell you about products that are being sold there.

When it comes to managing your finances and growing your wealth, you're almost guaranteed to get intertwined with some shady companies. Even if all you wanted to do was save up for a sweet snowmobile so you can cruise around like some kind of ice lord, no matter where you stash your money, you're all but guaranteed to accidentally fund some kind of environmental and/or human rights atrocity. Do you want ethical dilemmas? Because that's how you get ethical dilemmas.

But what if it didn't have to be like that? No, we're not saying you should dispel all material things and go live in the woods. We're saying there's a financial firm out there that actually has a conscience. While many big banks dump billions of dollars a year into climate-killing fossil fuel projects, Aspiration is building a movement to help people make money and a difference. Their motto is "Do Well, Do Good" because they've committed to building a greener, more equitable world alongside your savings account. Aspiration offers financial products that are easily accessible, financially viable, and support sustainable, responsible investing. No longer do you have to sacrifice returns in order to invest in causes you care about.

Aspiration offers many products, but its core product offering is the Spend & Save account, which is a Cash Management Account that operates like a traditional checking or savings account. Their Pay What Is Fair program ensures no monthly fee, no hidden fees, and allows you to pay only what you think is fair for your account. It can be as low as $0, which would be kind of mean, but that's between you and your conscience. Speaking of which, when you deposit, you can rest assured that your deposits won't go toward funding oil pipelines, drilling, private prisons, or firearms manufacturers. Basically, you won't have to feel like you might be passively supporting the end times.

And that's just the basic account. With the fancy-pants Aspiration Plus service, you get much, much more. You'll get up to 1.00% APY interest on your savings, an Aspiration debit card made from recycled ocean plastic (available soon to brag about at the slightest provocation), and immediate admission into their unique Planet Protection feature, which automatically buys carbon offsets based on how much you spend at gas stations. You literally don't have to think about how many dinosaur ghosts you're burning. The Conscience Coalition gets you up to 10% cash back at socially responsible companies like Toms, Warby Parker, Reformation, and Arcadia Power. With the Plant Your Change option, you can round up your purchases to the nearest dollar to plant a tree for each roundup and then get cash bonuses based on the number of trees you plant. It's like being a farmer without any of the work (or dirt or bugs).

Aspiration offers honest, sustainable financial products for any financial goal or interest. Do your part by divesting from big banks that support fossil fuels, firearms production, private prisons, and more unethical causes. Check out Aspiration today.

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