Turn The Physical World Into Something

Turn The Physical World Into Something

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Sometimes, the real world just kinda sucks. Fortunately, there are many ways to get away, from video games and virtual reality to reading and eating Chipotle, but those are just Band-Aids. What if you could make the world better? Not, like, in a world peace and carbon neutralizing way. What if you could actually change what you saw right in front of you, right now?

Turns out you can! MagiMask is an immersive, high-resolution augmented reality headset for your smartphone that turns the world into, well, a better place. With full-screen AR optics and full resolution that's four times higher than split-screen VRs, MagiMask turns the world around you into something grander and more incredible (or weirder and more confusing, depending on your preference). Everything adjusts automatically to your AR-compatible smartphone, so your viewing experience is never clunky or weird. It comes with MagiTools, allowing you to cast digital things into the physical world and play with them. The physical tracker lets you easily interact with your MagiTools in the physical world.

Whether you want to watch Netflix, play Fortnite, build a house, test-run that IKEA couch you’ve been eyeing, fight a giant spider, or practically anything else, MagiMask lets you do it. Fifteen-hundred Kickstarter and Indiegogo backers—as well as tech sites like Venture Beat, WIRED, and GadgetFlow that have given MagiMask rave reviews—can’t be wrong.

Experience a whole new Augmented Reality world. Normally $129.99, you can get MagiMask + MagiTools for 30% off at just $89.95 now.

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