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Summer reading is taking on a whole new meaning this year. With many businesses likely to be closed throughout the summer, you have fewer opportunities to do sick cannonballs and therefore fewer excuses to get through that book list you keep putting off. Still, it's hot out and you're tired, so who can blame you if you're feeling a little lazy and can't stop falling asleep in the shade while you read?

Fortunately, there's an easier, more efficient way to get through your book list. 12min Micro Book Library gives you access to hundreds of micro books in text and audio formats so you can read everything on your list in as little as 12 minutes. 12min offers micro books across a wide range of genres, from sci-fi and romance to business and self-help. Every month, they'll offer up 30 new titles that are designed to be read (or listened to) in just 12 minutes, making it perfect for getting through your book list on a short commute, while at the beach, during your morning skateboard (it's like a walk, but on a skateboard), or anywhere else. All the books are downloadable, so you can access them with or without an Internet connection. You can even send them to your Kindle Account if you'd like to keep your library better organized. You don't wanna get stretched out over so many apps that you open one up like "Huh, I own that book?"

Read more this summer in less time. 12min is available in a number of subscription plans. Get a one-year subscription for 72% off at just $19, a two-year subscription at 79% off at just $29, or a lifetime subscription for 88% off at just $39.

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