Learn To Make Pizza, Start A Podcast, And More Through These Online Courses

Learn To Make Pizza, Start A Podcast, And More Through These Online Courses

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Think for a second about how cool it will be to make your own pizza dough, put it in the oven with some cheese and sauce, and then eat it. You made it all. You did it. Maybe you'll just go ahead and start your own pizza parlor. Well, maybe you won't go that far, but you'll at least be able to tell Domino's to suck it. Who needs delivery? You are a pizza god.

Anyway, if you're looking for a fun and interesting way to increase your divinity while you're stuck at home, we've rounded up some of the best resources on the Internet to learn new skills, including making pizza.

Pizza Making Course: Bake the Best Sourdough Pizza at Home!

Learn To Make Pizza, Start A Podcast, And More Through These Online Courses

MSRP: $200

Sale Price: $13.99

You don't have to be Gordon Ramsey to make a great pizza. Does he do pizza? The British aren't known for their Italian. Well, even he could probably learn something from this one-hour course by professional chef Tim Cunningham. It'll show you step-by-step directions to make your own pizza using sourdough and commercial yeast, so all you have to do is follow along to become a Roman god. (Pick Jupiter, he's the coolest one.)

The Ultimate Piano Bundle: From Beginner to Advanced


MSRP: $2,000

Sale Price: $34.99

The idea of piano lessons might instantly transport you back to your old teacher's house and its many smelly cats, but this massive, 140-hour training course will take you from zero to maestro faster than you can say "John Legend" ... provided you can say it over the course of 140 hours. Which is its own new skill, is it not?

Podcast Like a Boss: Lifetime Access to All Content


MSRP: $219

Sale Price: $59.99

There's a reason everyone is starting a podcast. Yes, it's because they're bored, but it's also because it's one of the fastest-growing media for putting variable-quality opinions out there. Led by four experts with millions of listens, this podcasting bundle will teach you everything you need to know to start a podcast. From the technical requirements to managing an editorial calendar, you'll learn it all, and your podcast will be different. You have the good opinions, you beautiful sunfish.

The Complete Content Creator Bundle for YouTube

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MSRP: $1,592

Sale Price: $39.99

Creating content and achieving success on YouTube isn't all about slapping on makeup or screaming at video games. There is an art and some skill to it, and this bundle will show you how to create a channel that stands out. Remember us when you're famous! Can ... can you introduce us to John Green?

The Learn to Become an Expert Photographer Bundle

Learn To Make Pizza, Start A Podcast, And More Through These Online Courses

MSRP: $818

Sale Price: $29

Want to take better pictures? Of course you do -- it's summer outside! And "outside" is really the only place you can go. This extensive bundle will teach you how to work the manual settings on your phone, edit photos like a pro, and more so you can capture a season worth remembering in its full-color (or better) glory.

The Complete Videography Bundle: Beginner to Expert

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MSRP: $1,990

Sale Price: $29.99

Oh, so you prefer the moving pictures, huh? Well, this bundle will introduce you to Final Cut Pro, Camtasia, Adobe After Effects, and more awesome videography and film editing tools. You'll be the king of the talkies in no time.

Craftsman Creative: 2-Yr Subscription


MSRP: $2,376

Sale Price: $99

Sometimes, the hardest thing for a creative person to do is just get started. Craftsman Creative is the creative coaching program from Daren Smith, a film production pro with decades of experience in Hollywood and digital media. In this series, he'll teach you how to shift your mindset, grow your skills, and start achieving more so you can actually write that novel/record that album/build that bouncy castle in your living room instead of boring your friends to death just talking about it.

The Fundamental Drawing Bundle for Beginners

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MSRP: $1,172

Sale Price: $39.99

Sure, you could go into lifelong debt at some fancy art school, or you could learn from the pros in this comprehensive bundle, covering portraiture, comic book drawing, and more. We're not here to tell you how to live your life, but one of those options is a lot cheaper.

The Complete Ableton Live 10 Music Production Bundle


MSRP: $1,194

Sale Price: $29.99

Ableton Live 10 is one of the top digital audio workstations on the market. If you're interested in music production, you've gotta know Ableton, and this course will teach you how to work with it like a pro.

The Ultimate Beginner to Expert Guitar Lessons Bundle

Learn To Make Pizza, Start A Podcast, And More Through These Online Courses

MSRP: $1,601

Sale Price: $29

More of a tactile person? Then use this time in quarantine to finally learn the guitar. You'll learn musical theory and start playing in a variety of styles, from bluegrass to jazz. Don't be that guy who only knows how to play "Wonderwall." Nobody likes that guy, including that guy.

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