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No two Dads are alike. Some are sporty, some are techie, some are goofy, and some are inexplicably but intensely into prog rock. That's why we've gone ahead and rounded up some great deals for dads of all types, so you can see what your dad might like for Father's Day. Yes, even prog rock dad. Plus, you can save an extra 15% off any of these goodies when you use code GIFTFORDAD15 at checkout.

MSRP: $34.99

Sale Price: $28.99

GIFTFORDAD15: $24.65

Help dad keep better track of his fitness goal with this advanced scale. It tracks body composition measurements like BMI, body fat, bone mass, muscle mass, hydration, and more so he'll always know what's going on with his fitness regimen. As he's constantly reminding you, the gun show isn't gonna organize itself.

ChronoWatch Multi-Function Smart Watch

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MSRP: $199.99

Sale Price: $36.99

GIFTFORDAD15: $31.44

Dad will love this fancy smart watch with 16 high-tech functions, including calorie and step tracking, heart rate tracking, and even text and call alerts on a full capacitative touch screen. Dads go nuts for a capacitative touch screen.

Callaway Cart Cooler


MSRP: $49.99

Sale Price: $39.99

GIFTFORDAD15: $33.99

Carts won't be available at most golf courses this summer, making golf officially an athletic activity. Of course, you can still drink on the course, so give dad an extra bag to handle all his stout beer, aged Scotch, and other dadly drinks.

Iron Chest Master Fitness System

20 Father's Day Gifts Any Dad Will Love

MSRP: $119.95

Sale Price: $96.99

GIFTFORDAD15: $82.44

Just think of the jokes Dad could make with an Iron Chest! But seriously, this at-home workout tool was designed by fitness coach Ron Williams and uses a unique science called Arc MovementÃ'Ã'® Technology to safely and efficiently target your core. Dad will get into the best shape of his life in no time!

ZTECH Percussion Massage Gun


MSRP: $149.99

Sale Price: $79.99

GIFTFORDAD15: $67.99

Dads have feelings, too, especially after a tough workout. Dry his tears (just not literally) with this sweet handheld massage therapy gun, which will help Dad work out all the muscle soreness and aches so he can get back to the gym feeling better than ever.

MSRP: $69.99

Sale Price: $23.99

GIFTFORDAD15: $20.39

Whether he's hanging out by the pool, hitting the trail, or just standing in the front yard waiting for the neighbors to compliment his barbecue, the Resound XL will pack a walloping soundtrack for dad to groove out to. It has a 3,300mAh battery capacity, allowing for up to 30 hours of playback time without needing a charge.

Sony C400 Wireless Behind-the-Neck In-Ear Headphones


MSRP: $85

Sale Price: $34.95

GIFTFORDAD15: $29.71

Ease the classic rock-lover in your life into the AirPod era with these U-shaped headphones that strike a nice balance between wireless and wired headphones. They'll hook on behind Dad's neck and let him stream music wirelessly without having to worry about dropping the buds or his street cred.

MSRP: $149

Sale Price: $99


Some dads have oddly shaped ears that don't accommodate most earbuds. There's nothing wrong with that -- it just makes him uniquely your pops. These ones are fully moldable so your dad never has to feel bad about his adorably weird ears.

MSRP: $49.99

Sale Price: $39.99

GIFTFORDAD15: $33.99

It's grilling season, and Dad's probably hankering to crack open a cold one with the boys by the ol' Weber. Make his grill work easier with this clever tool set that switches effortlessly between a spatula, a fork, and a serving tool.

Thai Chefs Moon Knife

Thai KNIFE MOON Farced. Autbemle

MSRP: $70

Sale Price: $59.99

GIFTFORDAD15: $50.99

This carbon steel monster is inspired by the tools used by Thai chefs to cut through meat, bones, and tough fruit, but let's be real, Dad is probably only going to need it for two of those. The curved blade is lightweight, allowing him to swing it around like an absolute champ, but seriously, would it kill him to eat an orange every once in a while? You worry about him.

Damasukasu Japanese 3-Piece Master Chef Hanshu Knife Set

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MSRP: $299.99

Sale Price: $199.99

Price Drop: $69.99

GIFTFORDAD15: $59.50

Every Chef Dad worth his salt needs a great set of knives and these ones meet the call. Made from beautiful Damasaukasu Japanese steel, this 3-piece knife set will make quick work of any cutting or slicing challenge. Make sure to make the appropriately appreciative "oohs" and "aahs." It's his day.

SOUS-V Pot Precision Sous Vide Multi-Cooker

20 Father's Day Gifts Any Dad Will Love

MSRP: $129.99

Sale Price: $111

GIFTFORDAD15: $94.35

Warning: Dads who Sous Vide once will never not want to Sous Vide. That's how fancy he'll feel. That's fine, though, because this Sous Vide Multi-Cooker will make the tenderest steak, chicken, or anything else you've ever tasted.

Firepod: Portable Multi-Functional Pizza Oven

20 Father's Day Gifts Any Dad Will Love

MSRP: $400

Sale Price: $359.99

GIFTFORDAD15: $305.99

Dad will have way too much fun this summer with this guy. It's a portable pizza oven, grill, stovetop, and more, so dad can whip up practically anything he wants, wherever he wants. Pairs best with a comically enormous chef's hat.

MSRP: $39.99

Sale Price: $24.99

GIFTFORDAD15: $21.25

For the dad who prides himself on non-dorky practicality, this utility bracelet not only looks chill, it contains a pocket knife and a screwdriver so dad can have his tools on him at all times. He'll be like if James Bond and Inspector Gadget had a slick baby, which has always secretly been his dream.

Popeye Gift Set: Pre-Shave Oil, Shave Cream, Post Shave Lotion

POPEYE: POPEYE: 2019 1929 2019 SPOPEYE. 1929 Past Shave Latian Smooth 90 Shaue l Shave Gream YEARSSRONG 90 YCARST 40Z/112Ge 2021566e

MSRP: $61.99

Sale Price: $49.99

GIFTFORDAD15: $42.50

Dads gotta look their best, ya know? This shaving set will keep dad looking clean-shaven and feeling and smelling great. He's going to start doing the Popeye voice every time he breaks it out, but he changed your diapers, so deal with it.

AMABALIS(R) Heavy Metal Jacket


MSRP: $185

Sale Price: $147.99

GIFTFORDAD15: $125.79

Really, you just need to look at the picture to know whether or not your dad is going to love this jacket. (Spoiler: He will.) It'll keep him warm with its woolly material and keep him entertained with its nine pockets. Just think of how much stuff he can put in them!

dLVL Shave Co.- The Ultimate Neck Groomer


MSRP: $69

Sale Price: $55.99

GIFTFORDAD15: $47.59

So dad's got a hairy neck. So what? As you've no doubt pointed out to him many times, there are vague but numerous cultures who recognize a hairy neck as the ultimate symbol of status and virility. But if he's feeling a little self-conscious about it, lift him up with this neck groomer from LVL Shave Co. It conveniently snaps apart and comes with a travel case so he can quickly trim up the back of his neck without having to involve his barber. You know how judgy that guy gets, but he's been going to him for 30 years, it's not like he can just see someone else. Don't be ridiculous.

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