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Cars are bad for the environment, public transit is risky these days, and bikes force you to join a community of the most obnoxious people on the planet. What's a person to do to get around town? Get an Urban E-Skateboard, that's what.

The Premium V2 Urban E-Skateboard weighs just seven pounds, measures in at just 17", and is so dang easy to get around with, you'll bring it with you everywhere. With a Quick Connect true wireless remote, you can pair with the board effortlessly and use the remote to control three speed modes. You can travel at up to 15 MPH with the in-hub 250W motor and, thanks to the high-end 52.8WH lithium battery, you can go 7-10 miles on a single charge. Once you get to your destination, a one-hour charge will get it back to full power.


The board is built with superior strength, supporting riders up to 330lbs, while the shock-absorbing PU wheels will help you navigate any bumps or cracks in the road. Don't let those powerful stats fool you, though. Just look at the thing: It's whimsical as all get-out, to the point that you'll find yourself saying things like "as all get-out." There's no irony allowed here, no possibility of becoming a self-serious scooter person. Not with those (deceptively durable) wheels.


Commute in style and convenience. The Premium V2 Urban E-Skateboard is typically $500 but you can get it for 75% off at just $124.95 today. The Basic version is also available for 75% off $450 at just $110.95. Get it in blue, green, or orange.

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