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Getting bored with all the pointless, aimless, imagination-less videoconferencing meetings while in quarantine? Boredom is one thing, but lack of productivity is even more of a thing. Video meetings just aren't very conducive to everyone collaborating and doing their best work. You can get a whole lot more out of those meetings, however, if you're using YouCam 9 Deluxe for Windows.

YouCam lets you turn your webcam into a live studio, with special lighting and CGI and everything. Whether you're meeting with friends, running a business, or live streaming, YouCam is packed with integrations, enhancements, and recording features to improve your videoconferencing experience. It works seamlessly with popular social services like Twitch, Facebook Live, YouTube Live, OBS Studio, XSplit, and Wirecast, as well as meeting platforms like Zoom, Skype, and Google Hangouts.

With YouCam, you can apply real-time skin enhancements and makeup to look your best, use more than 200 augmented reality effects to add life and meaning to your meetings and streams, and much more. You can enhance webcam photos using brushes and colors or using your fingers to actually draw on the screen. You can add video effect filters, animated emojis, and more to add some fun and illustration to your meetings. Your normal, boring life will look just like Game of Thrones but with even more scowling faces.

YouCam 9 has earned an Excellent rating from Softpedia because it goes the extra mile. Right now, you can get a lifetime subscription for 30% off $49.99 at just $34.99.

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