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As some hippie once said, the times, they are a-changin', and many of us who actually have to work for a living are finding our jobs have changed as well. From layoffs and furloughs forcing people to pick up side hustles to companies realizing their capitalist goals can be accomplished without pants, what was once an awesome privilege may now be a necessity for many people. But whether you're having a hard time staying productive at home or you must adjust to becoming your own boss for the time being, you may need help getting the most out of your "work from home" time.

That's where The 2020 Ultimate Work From Home Starter Kit Bundle comes in.

This massive, 16-course bundle is designed for anybody who spends a lot of time working from their sofa, whether by choice or not. If you've found yourself a little more unwittingly independent, there are courses on copywriting and starting a freelance business on Upwork, affiliate marketing, Amazon FBA, and more for people who'd like to earn a little extra income on the side, as well as courses on launching your own business online based on the expertise you already have, with steps from lead generation to delivering services. If you're the sorry soul tasked with corralling a herd of furry animals that used to be a productive business machine, there are courses on hiring and managing remote teams, effectively leading remote meetings, managing individuals remotely, and more for all your frazzled manager needs. Someone has to be the party-pooper who vetoes the hilarious but inappropriate Zoom backgrounds.

Regardless of your work from home situation, The 2020 Ultimate Work From Home Starter Kit Bundle works for you. Get it today for just $39.99.

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