5 Ways Mastering Excel Will Help You Get Ahead in Any Job

5 Ways Mastering Excel Will Help You Get Ahead in Any Job

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Microsoft Excel is such a ubiquitous tool, there's a good chance you put it on your resume even if you have barely any idea how to use it. Used in offices in virtually all industries, Excel is an invaluable tool for a number of reasons: It does math! It has colors! It makes pretty, pretty graphs!

However, it's a whole lot more useful when you can use it like a pro. In The Essential Microsoft Office Training Bundle, you'll learn Excel and the rest of the Microsoft Office Suite, discovering hacks and tips that will help you get ahead at work in a number of ways. Five, to be exact.

Stay Organized

Excel is, first and foremost, a spreadsheet software. It's extremely useful for organizing data, making schedules, tracking processes, and more, so dig yourself out of that avalanche of sticky notes. You just need to know how to format things right, but once you do, it'll look like something a wizard did.

Process More Information

With Excel's formulas and functions, you can add huge amounts of data and make calculations almost effortlessly, trusting Excel to do the hard work. No one will ever find out that you don't actually know what math is.

Accomplish More

Excel's VBA function allows you to automate certain repetitive tasks. If you're stuck doing time-consuming, monotonous work, Excel can make quick work of it so you can focus on other things. It's like having an assistant that never makes mistakes or needs a week off for their sister's wedding.

Crunch Numbers

Data analysis is in huge demand in the business world these days, and Excel is one of the premier data-crunching programs. Just make sure to crunch your data from all angles for a strong data core.

Visualize Data

Using charts, graphs, and tables to illustrate your findings is especially important in the world of business. Long lists of numbers are somehow boring and confusing at the same time, but everyone loves pie charts. They're just so round and friendly.

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