Support Local Restaurants and Eat Like Royalty with $1,000 Giveaway to DoorDash


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The coronavirus pandemic has decimated many areas of business -- the travel industry, the retail industry, the human salt lick industry -- but perhaps no one has been hit harder than restaurants. You're not allowed to sit down and eat in most places, but many restaurants are still open for takeout and delivery. Conveniently, you're also not allowed to do much of anything else, so sitting on your couch and having food brought to you sounds pretty good, doesn't it? Sure, it can also be darn expensive, so why not get yourself $1,000 to spend on takeout and delivery?

Enter to win The $1,000 DoorDash Gift Card Giveaway, and you might just get an Economic Impact Payment explicitly for fried sugar.

Well, you could also get healthy stuff, if you wanna be that way. DoorDash operates in 300 cities around the US and Canada, with more than 300,000 participating restaurants. From your local sushi store to your favorite pizza hot spot, there's a darn good chance you can get it on DoorDash. Just search online via web browser or the app to find the available restaurants in your area. You can sort by cuisine, rating, distance, delivery cost, and more convenient metrics. DoorDash also surfaces recommendations based on your past orders or lets you quickly order the same items again with one click. It's like a friend who always knows the answer to the dreaded "What do I want to eat?" question. With $1,000, you'll be able to use that friend a lot. You'll also help your favorite restaurants weather this economic storm. That's nice, too.

You can choose to get food delivered right to your door or schedule a pickup for when you think you'll be feeling hungry and pretend it's magic. Either way, you get your favorite food when you're ready to eat it. Plus, you can customize your delivery preferences to minimize contact with your delivery driver to ensure your and their safety. Or if you just don't want to put on a bra. No one will know.

Don't let quarantine put distance between you and your favorite food. See what's available in your area and enter to win The $1,000 DoorDash Gift Card Giveaway today. All you have to do is provide an email address where the coupon can be sent. In the meantime, just think about how many burritos $1,000 can buy. Like, at least 10 burritos, right?
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