Unlike Relationships, This Pen Will Last Forever

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"Nothing gold can stay," Ponyboy tells Johnny beneath a shimmering sunset, shortly before the ish hits the fan. If only Ponyboy was speaking literally rather than metaphorically. If he had been, he might have been referring to gold ink, which means he might have found a gold edition of the Omega Series 5 Inkless Pen. Because this pen's ink STAYS.

Unlike Relationships, This Pen Will Last Forever

Unfortunately, no, the Omega 5 does not paint in gold but we recently saw The Outsiders on TV and couldn't get the scene out of our heads. It's an imperfect lede but it does sort of make sense because Omega 5 really does not run out of ink. With an AXL-METAL tip that never requires sharpening, this eco-friendly writing utensil lays down a grey line that won't smudge or erase so all of your grocery lists, love notes, and crude graffiti will live in perpetuity (at least until they paint over it). The anodized aluminum shaft is ergonomically sound and easy to grip and you'll create less waste by never having to replace your pen again. You'll also be able to read the notes you took at the staff meeting.

The Omega Series 5 Inkless Pen is 40% off $49.99 at just $29.99 now. Get it in black or silver.

Prices are subject to change.

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