Why SEO Is One of the Most Important Skills to Have on Your Resume in 2020

Why SEO Is One of the Most Important Skills to Have on Your Resume in 2020

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It is exceedingly difficult for brands to stand out online. Sure, everybody's using the internet, but then again, everybody's using the internet. It's crowded out there, and some companies have gargantuan budgets to spend on ads and paid promotion that will push your comparatively adorable operation into the dark and dusty recesses of the Google page. The vast majority of companies don't have that kind of money, which means they have to get a little more creative with their marketing initiatives. As such, SEO has emerged as a vitally important marketing skill -- unless, you know, you like hanging out in the crust punk basement of the internet. To each their own.

Why SEO Is One of the Most Important Skills to Have on Your Resume in 2020

If you're only vaguely familiar with the term "SEO" and honestly kind of scared of it, don't worry. That's very normal, which is why it's such a valuable skill. Search engine optimization (SEO) refers to the manipulation of search engine algorithms to get your content to the top of search engine results pages (SERPs). (There are a lot of acronyms in tech.) As you may note, yes, there are paid slots on Google and Yahoo! and the like, but only a couple, and you always breeze right past them, right? That means the majority of traffic on any search page goes to the top three or four results for any specific search term. You don't have to pay to get your website listed there, which is why many companies are leaning into their SEO strategies in 2020 as an alternative to funding their marketing departments through the Mafia.

Most people think of SEO as some kind of technological voodoo, but it's totally learnable. One way to do that is with the SEO Training for 2020: Master Search Engine Optimization Course, a three-hour course designed to turn you into an expert quickly. You'll learn the core concepts of SEO, keyword research, and effective content writing best practices, as well as the technical aspects of SEO. That means you'll understand how to optimize site speed, choose SEO-friendly web themes, and optimize URL structure, meta tags, meta titles, and meta descriptions to make Google's algorithm really love you. Beyond that, you'll discover how to build a more comprehensive SEO strategy using backlinks, guest posting, and social media sharing -- all elements that can increase your entire domain authority rather than an individual page. You'll also learn what all of those words mean, and that alone is worth the price tag.

Get paid to beat Google. (Figuratively.) SEO Training for 2020: Master Search Engine Optimization Course is just $12.99 now.

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