Kanye's 'Star Wars' Housing Project Is In Grave Danger

Kanye's 'Star Wars' Housing Project Is In Grave Danger

We've written previously about how Kanye West was planning to build low-income housing units in the style of Luke Skywalker's moisture farm -- a story that sounds like it was assembled by a confused AI attempting Mad Libs for the first time. While a lot of us probably either forgot about this or chalked it up to a wacky fever dream, it turns out Kanye's actually been working on this. The only problem is that his (presumably Sith-like) neighbors want to take it all away.

The Yeezus superstar built some prototype houses in the style of Luke's Tatooine abode in Calabasas, California. His plan to help the homeless (assuming they speak Bocce and understand the binary language of moisture vaporators) is pretty impressive. Of course, the buildings aren't exact replicas of the ones in the movie, but they do have a kind of Star Wars-y vibe.

Kanye's 'Star Wars' Housing Project Is In Grave Danger
Los Angeles County Department of Public Works

Unfortunately, bringing balance to the force of land development, Kanye's neighbors complained. Inspectors from the county turned up and were assured that the buildings were temporary, perhaps while the foreman gently waved a hand in the air. But on a second visit, it was discovered that the igloo-like structures sat on a concrete foundation. They issued Kanye a citation on July 30, meaning he has 45 days to either submit his plans and procure a permit or demolish the buildings.

If Kanye doesn't sort this out, he'll have to pay "at least $1,400 in fines." Which probably doesn't seem like a lot to a dude who allegedly once dropped $200 on candy. After all this, Aunt Beru and Uncle Owen are probably glad they don't have any neighbors nearby ... or they would be if they weren't, you know, smoldering skeletons.

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