Please Don't Make A Live-Action 'Nightmare Before Christmas'

The Nightmare Before Christmas has become something of a modern classic, embraced by Disney fans who presumably wanted more severed heads and anthropomorphic burlap sacks full of vermin in their animated fare. Now, rumor is that Disney's looking to mine the world of Halloween Town once more -- either in a sequel, or as another goddamn live-action remake.

On the one bony skeleton hand, this makes total sense. Since it was released in 1993, the story of Jack Skellington royally screwing up Christmas has only become more popular, spawning theme park rides, video games, and of course, lingerie. But would anyone want a sequel? One where Jack tries his hand at Thanksgiving or St. Patrick's Day? (We can f**k up St. Patrick's Day on our own, thank you very much.)

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Even more concerning is the threat of a live-action version. To give you an idea of how unsettling that might be, here's actor Matthew Patrick Davis performing in full costume as Jack. And yeah, real-life Jack Skellington kind of looks like if the Slender Man got a job as a used car salesman.


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Even Disneyland's official Jack Skellington and Sally are no less upsetting.


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So maybe some things are better left to the realm of stop-motion animation -- hence why we never got a gritty big-budget reboot of the California Raisins. Though there is cause to be skeptical that we're getting another movie at all. The news comes from Moviehole (apparently not a satirical spinoff of The Onion) which got its scoop from an anonymous source. Supposedly the same source reliably leaked some intel about an upcoming Backdraft sequel. But you'd think Disney would be more careful with their upcoming plans than whoever is in charge of the "Forgotten '90s Ron Howard Movies" division of Hollywood.

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