There’s A 'Mad Max' Ballet, For Some Reason

It's been 40 years since the first Mad Max movie hit theaters, and to celebrate, an Australian town held a special anniversary party. It was pretty much your typical small-town parade, but featuring post-apocalyptic thugs in assless chaps riding goofy cars with corpses tied to the hoods.

YouTubeAssless chaps you say? Your move, Memorial Day.

Well, it turns out that's not the only way people are honoring the movies that gave the world Mel Gibson (and then thankfully replaced him with Tom Hardy). If you were recently in San Francisco, you might have caught Fury, the Mad Max ... ballet? Yup, we just double-checked, it's for sure a Mad Max ballet. Presumably conceived to settle sitcom-like fights between couples who can't decide between seeing an action movie or attending an evening of modern dance, Fury is "a musical journey inspired by the iconic" Mad Max: Fury Road.

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So how do they adapt Fury Road without gigantic cars, elaborate explosions, or that guy who plays a flaming guitar in his long johns? Why, with a live band, crazy lighting, and the power of dance, goddamn it. Judging by the footage that's available online, it actually looks pretty cool.


VimeoBut is there a sexy, chiseled Immortan Joe? (We're asking for a friend.)

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According to producer Kate Duhamel, turning an action movie into a dance performance was all part of an effort to "get ballet in front of broader and younger audiences." And since shoehorning the Avengers into Swan Lake was presumably off the table, they turned to the beloved George Miller blockbuster. If you're bummed that you missed the show, it sounds like they're considering touring. So you too may someday be able to enjoy a marauder-filled dystopian hellscape that's just brimming with leotards.

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