No One Actually Wants A 'Back To The Future' Reboot, Right?


It's hard to believe that anyone would want Hollywood's reboot factory to crank out a new Back To The Future movie -- presumably in which an aging Doc and Marty hand off the time machine to Ansel Elgort or Alden Ehrenreich or Apex Elderberry or whatever fresh-faced boy toy Hollywood is obsessed with these days. Surprisingly, though, news hit this past weekend that some people actually do crave a new Back To The Future -- at least, according to a survey conducted by The Hollywood Reporter.

If the thought of a revamped BTTF starring Taylor Sheridan or Taron Egerton or Tamarind Pinkerton makes your soul collapse in on itself like a dying star, you're not alone. It wasn't long before the hypothetical new time-travel car crashed into the metaphorical manure truck that is Twitter, with seemingly every user born before 1990 slamming the findings of the survey.

#EvanRachelwould @evanrachelwood Nov 22 No No. No. No. No. No. No. No Noocoogo NO. NO. NO. FUCK. NO. NO AHHHHHH NOOOOOOOO. PLEASE! No. No. No. No. No.

Matt Martin Gmissingwords Nov 22 A Back to the Future reboot where they go back in time and stop the Back TO the Future reboot from ever happening.

Also, oddly, only 54 percent of those surveyed had seen all of the BTTF movies, meaning at least some of the people who claimed they would go see a reboot haven't even bothered to watch the three existing movies that have been around for decades. The survey also went so far as to query the participants' political leanings, with 42 percent saying they were "Favorable of Trump." So a portion of those pro-reboot voters likely just want to see what that lovable no-nonsense Biff is up to.

It's also worth noting that original trilogy director/producer Robert Zemeckis is firmly opposed to the idea of a reboot, and has stated it could only ever happen once he was dead. So really, the survey also should have added a "How Likely are You to Commit First-Degree Murder Just to See This Movie?" question.

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