Never Fear, There are More Stan Lee Cameos to Come

Never Fear, There are More Stan Lee Cameos to Come

Most of us took Stan Lee's passing as an opportunity to reflect on his creative legacy. (Or in one case blame him for everything wrong with America, presumably because Bill Maher was bitten by a radioactive smug piece of shit.) Some tributes noted that Lee's death would mean the end of a "Cameo-Filled Era." But while he may be gone from this world, we actually have several Stan Lee cameos to look forward to -- and as early as this week.

Tomorrow sees the release of Disney's Ralph Breaks The Internet, which most likely finds the lovable cartoon character weaponizing social media in order to dismantle democracy. Reportedly, there is a brief appearance by a cartoon version of Lee, who unfortunately remains silent. Really, Disney, you couldn't have called him up and gotten one more "Excelsior" over the phone?

Even better, there are still at least two future Marvel cameos to come. First off there's Captain Marvel, for which Lee already filmed his part. And while there aren't any details regarding who he plays, we're guessing sassy Blockbuster manager who yells at Carol Danvers for destroying his roof before renting her a VHS copy of Sister Act 2.

Stan Lee also has his Avengers 4 scene in the can (which is an old film expression, we don't mean his cameo will be on a toilet). And according to IMDb, Lee also plays the role of "Stan" in Madness In The Method, directed by and starring Kevin Smith sidekick Jason Mewes. It also apparently stars Danny Trejo and Dean Cain -- the Avengers of random movies you've never heard of.

Looking toward the future, it's still possible Marvel has filmed cameos in advance that they haven't announced. Marvel Studios head honcho Kevin Feige promised fans some sort of "surprise" -- which caused some to worry that Marvel has created a CGI marionette Stan Lee programmed to make brief non-sequiturs for the rest of eternity. After all, if they can digitally render a giant green rage monster, how hard could a mustachioed nonagenarian be?

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