This Is The Coolest (And Creepiest) Basement We've Ever Seen

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There has always been something disturbingly dichotomous about the Disney Corporation. On the one hand, it has given us so many wonderful movies that our childhood memories might as well be stealth marketing for The Lion King Blu-ray. On the other hand, the House of Mouse is such an amoral, invasive megacorporation bent on controlling every aspect of our lives that it makes Skynet look like a hungover substitute teacher. But while many fans tend to ignore one side in favor of the other, one true Disney fan has finally found a way to pay homage to both the company's sweet and sinister nature by building a Disneyland replica in his vast underground lair.

This Is The Coolest (And Creepiest) Basement We've Ever Seen
Larzland / YouTube

Last week, a Disney diehard by the YouTube name of Larzland published a video of his Disney-themed basement. But when he says "Disney-themed," he doesn't mean he hung up a few Moana posters and bought a Sebastian-the-Crab-shaped bong for his rumpus room. Larzland's basement is a miniature recreation of part of Fantasyland, Disneyland's most iconic district, including the exteriors of many famous haunts like Mr. Toad's Wild Ride, Peter Pan's Flight, and Geppetto's Workshop. The basement even has a day and night cycle and the ambient sounds of real Disneyland crowds, because nothing makes a basement more inviting than the whispers of unseen phantasms.

This Is The Coolest (And Creepiest) Basement We've Ever Seen
Larzland / YouTube
This door doesn't lead to the outside. None of the doors lead to the outside.

And that's not cheap Styrofoam, either. The level of verisimilitude of Larzland's Fantasyland is truly impressive, with "leaded glass, woodwork and concrete, to brickwork, paint and metal fabrication" all singlehandedly replicated to match the original, according to the man himself. Sadly, while Larzland has promised more videos detailing the hard work he put into his eerily beautiful basement, there's still no word on where this Fantasia is located, or if it's open to visitors. And we're not sure who the presumably loaded hobbyist with a childlike spirit and a theme park in his massive underground lair who's also an expert bricklayer is trying to hide from the most: rival Disney lovers, curious neighborhood kids, zero-tolerance Disney lawyers, or every cold case detective in the country.

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