I finally destroyed the demon who threatened our world. 15 years, it took me to end his terrible reign. What now? I have no other skill that doesn't i

Holy shit, this place is huge. The ceilings have to be a hundred feet tall. How the hell do you even begin building something like this? Yeah, it can

X'Aanalai Shumabra Sewer Map (Lvl 6) Pathway False Wall Magical Barrier Portal Th Hell Dimension Boss Valve Switchplate E

Oh, no. I... L must have forgotten my map. Just tell me where to go. John, I know gave you a- I DON'T HAVE A FUCKING MAP, GARY! I WILL STAB YOUR GODDA

I pushed the second glowy switch. Goddamnit. Now we have to go back to the entrance and lower the water level. Why do we have the ability to raise and

Ah, I see what you mean now. This whole room is filled with turds. If you say it again... Gettin' its turd on. Turdin'it up. ...I'm turning off the ra

Now that you've drained the water, you should be coming up on the- Ok, seriously, what the fuck? Good, sounds like you found it. Now, there are three

Now, there's a very specific order in which these have to be pushed. We'll start with #3, which will lower- OK, WHO THE FUCK DESIGNED THIS? His name w

Holy shit, that was retarded. I could have just jumped over. I've got the strength. Christ, I saved the world. You stop right fucking there. What did

I'm at a gate, but it's closed. Ok, not a problem. We just have to backtrack four rooms where you'll find another glowy switch. That'll open up the fi

Now, when we get to the next gate, you're going to find four ancient tablets embedded in a statue of a jamba-beast. I'm going to remove them all. No.

I've made my way back up to the original gate, and it's opened n- Is that a treasure chest? In the fucking sewer? Yeah, know. don't know who keeps put

Um... Gary? There's a guy over there. Just standing there, looking around. Oh, awesome. That's your next party member. Go up and talk to him. What? No

This is the Osmosis Chamber, where Osmosis the Soul Leech sleeps. We're going to need a small piece of his cocoon in order to forge the handle of the

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