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How Harry Potter Actually Became a Muggle Con Artist (Ep 2)

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How Harry Potter Actually Became a Muggle Con Artist (Ep 2)

How Harry Potter Would Really Have Turned Out (Episode 1)

279,093 views Welcome Back, Potter
  • Season 1
  • Cast & Crew
  • Ezra Edmond: VFX
  • Cailan Calandro: Costume Assistant
  • Greg Scali: Pool Player Guy
  • JB Rutargarama: Stedicam Operator
  • Cliff Thenard: A Camera Assistant
  • Nacia Schreiner: B Camera Assistant
  • Don Bitters: VFX
  • Adam Binder: Leadman
  • Chloe Arbiture: Production Designer
  • Alex Simone: Costume Designer
  • Amber Bruehl: Hair/Makeup
  • Stephen Parsey: Best Boy Grip/Electric
  • Donato Bragagnolo: Key Grip
  • Katie Walker: Gaffer
  • Eric I. Bucklin: Sound Mixer
  • Dan Marino: B Camera Assistant
  • Ian Asbjornsen: A Camera Assistant
  • Mac Fisken: B Camera Operator
  • Michael Cox: Director of Photography
  • Robert Waters: Production Assistant
  • Gil Marsden: Producer
  • Jen Roskind: Head of Production
  • Daniel Vincent Gordh: Death Eater 1
  • Nathan Turner: Death Eater 2
  • Carly Sturgeon: Assistant Director
  • Daniel O'Brien: Don
  • Michael Swaim: Writer/Creator/Jarry Potter
  • Cody Johnston: Voldemort
  • Katie Willert: Pool Player Girl
  • Katy Stoll: Stacy Keach
  • Dylan Seaton: Wizard President
  • Abe Epperson: Director/Editor
  • Greg Burke: Bar Patron
  • Norm Scott: Intro Illustrations
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