The 7 Most Popular Lies to Tell in Online Dating Profiles


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  • Alison Enthoven: DailyDoseOfKatee
  • Natisha Anderson: Bernadette (BiggerOnTheInside)
  • Daniel Vincent Gordh: Mike (DeventVersatileGuy)
  • Dasha Kitridge: Jaymee (DMBChick)
  • Aaron Ganser: Darren (GuyFromHomeland)
  • Pete Hodge: Chris (CUSEALLDAY)
  • Chris O'Brien: Joe (MumfordandFitz)
  • Thomas O'Brien: Composer
  • Danny Carpenter: Sound
  • Emily Auble: Production Designer
  • C. Ashleigh Caldwell: Elise Gomez-Blacula
  • Ian Ward: Producer
  • Jen Roskind: Head of Production
  • Matt Edwards: Director of Photography
  • Carly Sturgeon: Assistant Director
  • Don Bitters: Visual FX
  • Matt Mider: Assistant Editor
  • Chris Gallego: Production Assistant
  • Alicia Peterson: Production Designer
  • Alex Simone: Wardrobe
  • Sara Tagaloa: Additional Hair/Makeup
  • Doni Davey: Hair/Makeup
  • JP Robelot: Sound
  • Luis De Tangle: Swing
  • Robert Waters: Production Assistant
  • Jon Gomez: Key Grip
  • James Popiden: Production Assistant
  • Andrew Jeric: Camera Operator
  • David Olaoniye: 1st Assistant Camera
  • Sarah Lankford: 2nd Assistant Camera
  • Kevin Campbell: Gaffer
  • Daniel O'Brien: Writer/Creator/Blake
  • Michael Swaim: Max
  • Breandan Carter: LuckyGuy_73
  • Kaitlin Large: Josie
  • Adam Ganser: Director/Creator/Editor/Sound Designer
  • Alli Reed: Adapted Article Writer
  • Nick Rood: Editor
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