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Jedi School 3: Rise of the Troubling Question About Droids

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Jedi School 3: Rise of the Troubling Question About Droids

Jedi School Ep. 2: If 'Star Wars' Villains Were Realistic

253,235 views Adventures in Jedi School
  • Season 1
  • Cast & Crew
  • William Janes: Additional Graphics
  • Teresa Aguilera: Makeup Assistant
  • Heather Galipo: Hair/Makeup
  • Sarah Levinson: Costume Assistant
  • Nola Yergen: Costume Designer
  • Chloe Arbiture: Production Designer
  • Aaron Rovner: VFX
  • Ashley Maria: Sound
  • Dominic Butts: Best Boy Electric
  • Rowan Byers: Gaffer
  • Edgar Gomez: Best Boy Grip
  • Donato Bragagnolo: Key Grip
  • Sara Garth: B Camera Assistant
  • Brian Townsend: B Camera Operator
  • Dan Marino: First Assistant Camera
  • Michael Cox: Director of Photography
  • Christopher Hiscox: Production Assistant
  • Carly Sturgeon: Assistant Director
  • Robert Waters: Production Assistant/Extra
  • Gil Marsden: Producer
  • Daniel O'Brien: Randy Carmeesian/Poster Designer
  • Michael Swaim: Mudd Mudd
  • Soren Bowie: Meaners Badso
  • Cody Johnston: Writer/Creator/Jank Sunmooner/VFX
  • Noah Byrne: Production Assistant/Extra/Cronie
  • Katie Willert: Villien Twan A'li ohAh
  • Katy Stoll: Sessa Prin/Associate Producer
  • Dylan Seaton: Master Evol
  • Breandan Carter: Associate Producer/Extra/Cronie
  • Abe Epperson: Director/Editor
  • Randall Maynard: VFX Consultant
  • Adam Ganser: Production Manager

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Adventures in Jedi School

Adventures in Jedi School

We have a limited quantity of shirts for our thrilling new series, Adventures in Jedi School. Now you can watch the action and excitement of the show while simultaneously feeling it hug your midsection! Of course, that’s presuming you intend to wear it on your torso, but hey, we don’t want to tell you how to live your life. It’s your shirt now, you do whatever you like with it. As a reminder, we ship internationally to pretty much anywhere (excluding galaxies far far away).



Finally, the droids you were looking for. With any luck the next Star Wars movie will be a rom-com between R2 and C3PO as they make star love instead of star wars in “Wookie for Love in Alderaan Places.” But until then, you can at least honor the greatest comic relief team in any space-fantasy trilogy by wearing them draped across your heart.

Serene Tatooine

Serene Tatooine

Come! See the sites! Experience the thrill of moisture farming on a planet beyond the reach of the Galactic Empire! This binary star system ensures that the entire planet of Tatooine feels like a sun-soaked beach but without the hassles of actual water. CDC recommends womp rat vaccinations and Mandalorian armor for incidental Sarlacc ingestion (extended universe travel only).

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