Why Shopping in a Video Game Universe Sucks

  • Season 1
  • Cast & Crew
  • Kenny Wood: Composer
  • Danny Mastrangelo: Animator
  • Jason Benesh: Site Representative
  • Emma Toll: Set Decorator
  • Bob Peterson: Carpenter
  • Robert Konowalow: Construction Coordinator
  • Callie Andreadis: Art Director
  • Bonnie Bacevich: Production Designer
  • Kim Johnson: Costume Assistant
  • Heather Chaffee: Costume Designer
  • Chelsea Orduno: Makeup Assistant
  • Teresa Aguiler: Makeup Assistant
  • Heather Galipo: Hair/Makeup
  • Mark Witte: Sound
  • Michael Stampler: Swing
  • Shane Patterson: Swing
  • Kyle Leach: Key Grip
  • Kevin Cambell: Gaffer
  • Eric Robbins: DIT
  • Dustin Miller: 2nd Assistant Camera
  • David Olaoniye: 1st Assistant Camera
  • Matt Edwards: Director of Photography
  • Marc Ferrante: Production Assistant
  • Carly Sturgeon: 2nd Assistant Director
  • Gregg Meller: 1st Assistant Director
  • Samantha Bowling: Female Warrior
  • Nicholas Lazo: Producer
  • Daniel O'Brien: Link
  • Michael Swaim: Shopkeep/Writer
  • Soren Bowie: Cloud Strife
  • Cody Johnston: Tommy Vercetti/VFX Artist
  • Noah Byrne: Thief
  • Matt Barrs: WoW Elf
  • Katie Willert: Tifa
  • Dylan Seaton: Leon
  • Breandan Carter: Writer/Ash/Associate Producer
  • Abe Epperson: Director/Editor
  • Greg Burke: Bioshock Pre-Dystopian Splicer
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