The Insane World of Video Game Health Care

  • Season 1
  • Cast & Crew
  • Danny Mastrangelo: Animator
  • Lauren Stewart: Art Director
  • Bonnie Bacevich: Production Designer
  • Lori Rozi: Costume Assistant
  • Heather Chaffe: Costume Designer
  • Chelsea Orduno: Additional Makeup
  • Teresa Aguilera: Additional Makeup
  • Heather Galipo: Hair/Makeup
  • Brian Lam: Sound
  • Mark Witte: Sound
  • Mitchell Brown: Swing
  • Brigette Bartholdi: Swing
  • Maxwell Lucas: Swing
  • Chris Thueson: Swing
  • Ryan Verbel: Key Grip
  • Katie Walker: Gaffer
  • Grant Culwell: Stedicam Operator
  • Blake Engel: 2nd Assistant Camera
  • Daniel Satinoff: 1st Assistant Camera
  • Stella Pacific: Studio Teacher
  • Shane Patterson: Set Production Assistant
  • Matt Miner: 2nd Assistant Director
  • Gil Marsden: 1st Assistant Director
  • Nicholas Lazo: Producer
  • Erica Everage: Princess Peach
  • Daniel Vincent Gordh: Luigi
  • Sam Bowling: Receptionist
  • Nellie Barnett: Nurse 2
  • Denver Milord: Scorpion
  • Kody Fields: Joseph
  • Sloane Siegel: Jacob
  • Spencer Howard: Dr. Klein
  • Nathan Turner: Pharmacist
  • Michael Swaim: Main Doctor/Writer
  • Cody Johnston: Tommy Verceti/SFX
  • Noah Byrne: Pac Man Doctor
  • Matt Barrs: Orderly 1
  • Katy Stoll: Orderly/Associate Producer
  • Katy Stoll: Nurse/Associate Producer
  • Dylan Seaton: Father
  • Breandan Carter: Orderly 2/Associate Producer
  • Abe Epperson: Director/Editor
  • Adam Ganser: Security Guard
  • Noel Wells: Skeptical Doctor
  • Michael Cox: Director of Photography
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