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Congratulations C.J. Tuor for winning this month's Cracked Sketch Writing Competition.

We're now taking submissions for next month's contest. Your prompt: Inside the Classrooms of Movie Universes.


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    "Counter-Productive Public Service Announcements"

    Click Here to Submit Your Sketches!

    Submit entries by April 20, 2013 no later than midnight PST.

    The Cracked Sketch Writing Competition is now a regular feature! Period.

    Do you read Cracked's articles, watch Cracked's videos, and think to yourself: "I can do better?" Well screw you, jerk. Do you go to your friend's house for dinner and throw the food in the garbage? We hate you. If you'd like to show us what's what and shut our big mouths, you can do so by submitting a script in Cracked's sketch writing competition.

    And So It Was Written: Henceforth, every other month will feature a new Cracked video written by YOU, our viewers*, and produced by US, the video department.

    Congratulations to our most recent winner:

    Patrick O'Riley

    Who won our last contest with the theme: "Terrible Roommate Habits"

    The 3 things that come with being the chosen script:

    1. The script, as chosen by the Cracked editorial board, will be filmed by the Cracked team and featured on the site.
    2. The winning author(s) will receive full credit in the video, and all the sexual magnetism that comes with being a comedian on the internet.
    3. They will also receive $300 with which to expand their action figure collection.

    The 1 thing that is the theme:

    All scripts should be inspired by the theme: "Counter-Productive Public Service Announcements"

    The 5 things that all submissions should do:

    1. Be between three and six pages, or run roughly two and a half to five minutes when read aloud.
    2. Be formatted comprehensibly, in the fashion of a play script or screenplay. We're not going to hold you to any specific standard, but if we can't read it, it's lining Brockway's cage. For more information on scriptwriting, see our super helpful guide, or check out the competition thread in the Writers' Workshop forums.
    3. Take place primarily (or exclusively) in a single common indoor location, i.e. an office or home.
    4. Contain no more than eight characters, and no animals or children.
    5. Be reasonably producible: we only have a month and a limited budget to shoot and edit your video, so try to keep it simple. A special outfit or prop is one thing, but if there are helicopter chases and plate mail, we just won't be able to make your sketch. And then we won't.

    The 1 way to submit your script:

    Please send all script submissions to, with the subject line "Cracked Sketch Writing Competition."

    Scripts should be attached rather than pasted into the body of the email, and should include a cover page with the full name of all authors. Files should either be: .docx, .doc, .pdf , or .rtf.

    For complete rules and legal information go here.

    *Statement applies only to winners of the competition.

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