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Ralph: The Last Guy to Wear a Hitler Mustache in America


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Special Thanks to - Jeremy Rose, Evan Schrodek, Abe Epperson, Mark Witte, Kelly McGillicuddy, Erika EdgerleySubscribe

  • Season 1
  • Cast & Crew
  • Kenny Wood: Original Score
  • Steve Klems: Sound Design
  • Daniela Richardson: Hair/Make-Up
  • Megan Klimkos: Wardrobe
  • Scott Hardie: Sound
  • Atourina Barkho: Art Department
  • Greg Scali: Electric/Lighting
  • J. A. Conway: Producer/1st Assistant Director
  • Matthew Edwards: Director of Photography
  • Katie Walker: 1st Assistand Camera
  • Emily Auble: Production Designer
  • Daniel O'Brien: Boss
  • Jack O'Brien: Co-Writer
  • Michael Swaim: Co-Writer
  • Michael Swaim: Ralph
  • Daniel Gordh: Johnson
  • Will Gordh: Electric/Lighting
  • Adam Ganser: Director/Producer/Editor
  • Michael Cox: Lighting
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