The 4 Worst Things People Are Making with 3D Printers

When mankind mastered 3D printing technology, it was a definitive sign that the Future had arrived. Finally, we could realize our dreams. We could make anything, in any shape, at the merest press of a button. We could almost ... be gods.

Well, that was the idea, anyway. Instead, we're using the hottest thing technology has to offer on stupid crap like ...

#4. Bongs


Give a man an apple and he'll carve a bong out of it. But give a man a brand new, potentially world-changing technology and he'll use it to create all the goddamn bongs.

Really, it says a lot about human nature that our first instinct at the dawn of groundbreaking sci-fi gadgetry is How can this help me to get high?

"Follow-up question: When will I be able to print drugs with it?"

#3. Fetus Paperweights


All parents think their baby is the cutest thing in the world. Still, there are times during a child's development that are best left to imagination and blurry ultrasound images. We're talking about fetus time here -- ain't no one wants to see that shit in detail.

Or so you'd think! Japan has taken the 3D printer and created a booming business from scanning your unborn child and printing a copy of it inside a transparent plastic cube. You can use your freshly acquired ghoulish fetal apparition as a bookend, paperweight, or (most likely) the reason your children will stop talking to you by the time they're 10.

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