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June 06, 2013

4 Insane Details from the Weirdest Murder Trial Ever

By Hillery Alley | 356,925 Views

Between the Boston bombing, Oklahoma's tornadoes, and the abdication of Netherland's Queen Beatrix, most of us have been so wrapped up in this spring's major news stories that we haven't been paying attention to the trial of Jodi Arias.

Metro / Reuters
We've got to admit, "psycho-librarian" is a look she pulls off.

For those of you out of the loop, Arias was convicted of murder after stabbing her ex-boyfriend Travis Alexander 27 times, slitting his throat, and shooting him in the head. Yes, this was a murder of Rasputin-esque proportions, but that isn't the craziest thing about Jodi Arias -- what's crazy is everything that happened next.


June 05, 2013

5 Ways Streaming Video Will Suck in the Future

By J.F. Sargent | 215,213 Views

With shows like House of Cards and the much-ballyhooed new season of Arrested Development hitting Netflix, streaming video has begun challenging TV as the world's go-to source for episodic movie-novels. Which is great news, because television is an annoying, bureaucracy-crazed dinosaur of a system, like a diplodocus that makes you take a urine test! And something as futuristic as streaming would never, ever end up turning into something as bass-ackwards as TV, right?

Well, yeah, it will. And the worst part is it's completely inevitable, because ...

#5. We'll Still Have Separate TV Channels (Only More Expensive)

The biggest reason Netflix became so popular was that it had all your favorite shows in one place, for one fee! No more tracking shows across different channels, or having to hire another service whenever a new kickass series sta-


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June 04, 2013

3 Reasons the 'Diet Soda vs. Meth' Dental Study is B.S.

By XJ Selman | 190,498 Views

Over the past several days, the Internet has exploded with a study that "proves" diet soda is as bad for your teeth as methamphetamine and crack cocaine. And these headlines splattered all across the Internet are shockingly distressing. "Drinking a few cans of Mr. Pibb Zero?" pondered sites like CBS and FOX News. "Well, heavens to Betsy, you might as well be freebasing until your jaw melts off!"

Or stealing copper to buy your weekly 12-pack.


June 03, 2013

3 Dark Facts Cruise Lines Don't Want You To Know

By David Christopher Bell | 494,027 Views

It seems like whenever you check the news, yet another cruise ship is either losing power, on fire, or en route to Davy Jones' Locker. Nonetheless, vacationers have few qualms about boarding these heaving pleasure vessels.

Sure, Carnival is charging rates normally reserved for motels that specialize in crack cocaine transactions just to fill rooms after the Triumph turned into a stool-logged hellhole this past February, but people aren't deterred. 21 million passengers this year will take a spin on one of these floating poop Hoovervilles in the making.

Frank Perry / AFP / Getty
"If you know a faster way to get salmonella, we'd love to hear it."