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June 02, 2013

5 Weirdly Specific Scenes You See In Every Marvel Movie

By Lachlan M. | 420,683 Views

Marvel Studios has taken a bunch of moldy old comic book characters that aren't Batman and managed to turn them into a billion-dollar industry. Most of this success seems to stem from the "cut and paste" method of filmmaking, because there are some weirdly specific situations that keep showing up in all their movies.

#5. Iron Man and Captain America Have Mentors That May as Well Be the Same Person

Tony Stark wakes up in a cave swarming with terrorists and meets a guy called Yinsen, a scientist who has been taken prisoner. Steve Rogers meets a German called Dr. Erksine, a scientist working as a researcher for the U.S. military during World War II. As far as we can tell, these roles were played by the same actor.

"We come six to a pack at Costco."


June 01, 2013

Why the Car That Runs on Facebook Could Backfire Horribly

By David Christopher Bell | 147,594 Views

Being a teenager is hands down the worst of the human larval stages -- you have no rights, you have tons of responsibilities, and your own genitals are trying to kill you. On top of that, you have the emotional awareness of a cat. It's a fucking nightmare.

And if there was ever a perfect hub for all of those teenage struggles, it would be that iconic first car. It covers all the bases of growing up -- it's a symbol of responsibilities and freedom, parental worry, money, and obtaining popularity, and most of all, it's a place to screw discretionarily. The ability to drive, or share a car with friends, is a pivotal rite of passage for most.

That's why it only makes sense that teenagers would be the ones to invent the perfect metaphor for adolescent struggle -- as well as modern youth culture -- in the form of a car.



May 31, 2013

How a 90-Year-Old Man Made the Most Metal Album Ever

By David Christopher Bell | 345,016 Views

Christopher Lee -- the English actor most famous for playing Dracula, Saruman, Count Dooku, and the mad scientist in Gremlins 2 -- recently turned 91 years old. While most people commemorating their 10th decade of life would limit the celebration to a 3:00 p.m. dinner reservation at Red Lobster, Lee decided to mark the occasion by releasing a heavy metal album.

Because this album just wasn't metal enough.


May 30, 2013

4 PSAs Scarier Than Any Hollywood Horror Film

By David Christopher Bell | 254,814 Views

The most effective public service announcements are the ones that make us shit our pants just a little. For example, the best way to get us to care about stuff like workplace safety will always be convincing us we could be murdered by clumsiness at any moment. However, in an age of increasingly desensitized audiences, the PSA industry has recently started pushing the "scare tactic" envelope straight into surrealist body horror and unrelenting shock fantasy. Hope you brought a diaper!

#4. Teen Pregnancy: Now for Boys, Too!

Getting teenagers to stop boning is really hard. How do you convince people who are wired to want sex all the time to at least be careful about it? The Chicago Department of Public Health had an idea.

The budget for this ad consisted of a month's worth of beer and Whoppers.